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No Enemy Organics :: Santa Cruz, California
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No Enemy Clothing, Art, Boards

No Enemy Clothing, Art, Boards. 

Art/design is the keystone of No Enemy. The fusion of graphics and statements that promote the No Enemy mind set are brought forth by an inspired crew from Santa Cruz (Boris Koodrin, Aimee Zvinakis, Tim Ward, Paul William Cheatham), San Francisco (Joey Shep & Dorey Kronick), Oakland (Chox Victor Macias) Los Angeles (Jeffery Ault), Montara (Brook Duthie). No Enemy invites contributions from any corner of the earth! Give thanks for the abundance of art!!

Clothing, art and surfboards don't just come from a store or a company. The No Enemy organization wants you to understand and be stoked on where your goods come from, by whom and how they are created. Our favorite fabrics to use are hemp and organic cotton. Organic Hemp and Cotton are cultivated in harmony with the natural cycles of soil, air and water. They don't require any pesticides, which are the number one water pollutant in the United Sates. The No Enemy surfboards are hand-made out of Paulownia wood which can be grown sustainably in many climates around the world. 

We think carefully about the farms that grow the seeds, the farmers that farm them and the processes and people turning the fibers into clothing. We hand-shape the Paulownia surfboards in Santa Cruz, California. 


Hemp is such a strong, naturally growing plant and thrives without the use of pesticides. Hemp, as they say, grows like a weed! 

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns about our production. 

Indian Hemp. a, young leaf. b, pistillate flower enclosed by a bract and supported by a stipule. c, bract, showing glands. d, ovary, cut longitudinally. e, fruit (hemp-seed). / and g, fruit in transverse and longitudinal section.