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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What does No Enemy mean?

The tree that moves some to tears of joy is in the eyes
Of others only a green thing that stands in the way.
Some see nature all ridicule & deformity...
& some scarce see nature at all.
But to the eyes of the (human) of imagination,
Nature is imagination itself.
As we are so we see.
- William Blake, 1799

No Enemy is a state of mind, a conscious choice, and a bold expression that embraces peace without limits. Imagine what the world would be like if such an idea was buttered over this sweet planet. In a world without enemies, what new dawn would rise out of the dust? Can we reconcile with the past? Can we recognize our seeds of commonality? Can we see that even the destructive acts of today and yesteryears are committed by people with the same basic needs we all have? -to survive, to thrive, to love, to be loved, to shine in our own individual ways, to be witnessed? No Enemy stands for living in peace with all that is. It is not just tolerance, it is a patient face that will search and crinkle its brow for that higher understanding instead of running away, building a wall, or pointing a finger and screaming of demons. No Enemy embraces nature and the nature of humanity. When a person is confronted with what seems like an enemy encounter, the experience is a break in the cycle of understanding and respecting people. How blessed we are to live in a world of choices! One can choose "no enemy" and find an opportunity to start a new chain of positive actions amidst fear, chaos, destruction, and misunderstanding. If there are things in this world that need to change, No Enemy says that the first change should be self love. Give yourself love. As you nurture yourself, you will see the beauty in others; and vice versa.

What do the fists and the bird in the No Enemy symbol represent?
The fists represent conflict, interpersonal struggle, international war, fights with friends and family and road rage. The two fists being mirror images of each other remind us the "other" side of our conflicts has a story like we do. Acknowledging the "others" story is the first step towards understanding it and having a common ground to unite on.
The bird above the fists is this unity, this peace rising out of conflict. The simple outline of the bird leaves the bird open to personal interpretation. Is it a dove representing peace through grace, a raven as an image of intelligence whose existence is thoughtfully balanced between life and death, an eagle standing for justice through strength and focus or a phoenix the mythical bird of regeneration rising out of ashes and starting life anew after tragedy? What do you see in the No Enemy symbol?

What is your return policy?
Satisfaction guaranteed. If you are not 100% stoked with any regular price item you purchase from us you may exchange or return it for a full refund! Sale items are final. Just call (831) 345 6935 or email any time and we will take care of it.

Can you print shirts for our organization/company/team/cause?
All No Enemy clothing has No Enemy designs on it. We do not sell or print on blank garments. Cattos Graphics in Santa Cruz (831) 454 9742 is a screen printer who can provide you with hemp and organic cotton shirts and PVC free inks.

How do No Enemy clothes fit? Is there a size chart?
No Enemy sizing is standard for young active adults. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee makes it easy to get the right size. To exchange for a different size send any item back. We will send you another size at no charge. We would be happy to answer any additional questions you have about sizes, please email or call (831) 345 6935.

How long do products take to be delivered? Products are usually delivered within 3-5 days however it may take as long as two weeks. If you need it for sure guaranteed three day, two day, overnight or even same day delivery are all options. Please email or call (831) 345 6935 with any questions.

For any other questions please email